EURO 2020

BALL- LALA : The Party Maniac The Flashy Social Fan of the group. If there’s a party, he’ll be there, doesn’t matter who’s playing. Celebrates anything. Can be see at: Events announcements, viewing parties, just making loud noise, cheering when it gets too quiet. Martina This stylish football fan loves everything about the game, and the excitement around it too. This season, she’s looking forward to the fashions, the festivals and all the fantastic football gossip that’s sure to happen this season. Can be see at: Pre game prediction gossip sessions and post game recap parties. Astro Sports Pack and Astro Go helps her to stay up to date on all Professor Golio: The Data Maniac The Football Fanatic who’s really into the game, he always has some fun facts, or in depth analysis of the game, which he expresses on his digital board. Forever trying to explain the game to Boh-la-la. Can be see at: Trivia radio events, post match analysis Made from his huge collection of football memorabilia, Stylo Mylo has the biggest collection of football memorabilia, and wants to share this year’s GOAL MANIA merchandise with you. Can be seen at: Merchandise giveaways, unboxing videos, buying jerseys at your nearest sports store. Look out for him for rewards, on ground and at Astro Rewards


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